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Not just therapists . . . . . these are TTC Therapists!

With apologies to the leading high street brand, but as our business grows we find more and more ways to help folk find a place in society and build happy and fulfilling lives.

This new page will give some idea of how our Community Interest Company is helping enrich peoples lives and support some of the less fortunate in our society. Hence our borrowing of M&S's catch phrase and if it applies to excellence in retail, it's even more relevant in our approach to improving mental health.

Straight from the Horse's mouth

When we set up The Therapy Clinic, an important focus for our development as a company was to help military veterans and their families deal with the long term effects of combat stress.

One highly effective and respected trauma treatment, for military vets, as well as members of society at large who suffer traumatic stress, is Equine Assisted Therapy. The gold standard for the treatment is defined and monitored by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, eagala, a world-wide body.

Leonie O'loughlin, a founding director of The Therapy Clinic with a long term passion for riding and qualifications as a riding coach has recently trained as an eagala registered therapist.

The Therapy Clinic has now teamed up with

Butterfly Lodge Equestrian Centre in Abberton, North Essex to offer

 eagala validated courses of psychotherapy.

We'll keep you posted on developments and follow some of our clients as

they progress. Watch this page for future bulletins.

Working wonders with those out of work

Almost from its beginning, The Therapy Clinic's been involved in community projects and helping less advantaged folk in a not-strictly-therapeutic way. For almost two years now we've been involved in the Abberton Rural Training Project, helping long term unemployed folk into employment in the rural economy.

Many of the candidates are further hampered by physical and mental difficulties and TTC has fulfilled a role which we have dubbed 'soft therapy'. By small group work, individual coaching, and 'walk and talk' sessions, our highly trained and experienced therapists have helped by countering hidden harmful mental constructs, building social skills, boosting confidence and self esteme and even coaching in how to fine tune a cv, complete a job application and handle a job interview. In essence they are helping the candidates believe in themselves, and the results have bordered on the spectacular.

The success of the first year exceeded all expectations, with 177 participants having attended courses. Sixteen of these found employment and a further five started their own businesses. 42 continued into in further education, 17 registered for voluntary work and three progressed onto apprenticeships. All full time students achieved City and Guilds Level 1 qualifications and many gained additional qualifications in functional skills and English and maths.

We await results for the second year group with interest, but the success of the scheme has been such that a bid is now in train for European Social Funding to take the project through to 2020 (source

It may not be psychotherapy as we know it Scottie . . . . . . !

Managing emotions . . . . Help for the homeless

How does it feel to be homeless? What happens when your 'normal' life turns into a struggle for survival and it seems society has turned its back on you? It's a recipe for an avalanche of emotions; failure, self doubt, fear, loneliness, and above all anger. When you see a homeless person on the street it's easy to forget that here is someone who may once have enjoyed a successful career, a family, a wide circle of friends. Then perhaps a bad decision, a wrong turn, an accident or a debilitating illness has lead to a sleeping bag in a shop doorway. We're each just one accident of fate away from that doorway.

Funding from Anglian Community Enterprise (CIC) has enabled The Therapy Clinic and Beacon House Ministries, a Christian charity based in Colchester with a long record in helping homeless folk rebuild their lives, to join in helping homeless people help themselves and each other.

Almost all have something important to offer. It may be difficult when everything you valued about yourself seems lost, but finding your own voice and a new role in life can dramatically improve confidence and self respect.

The new mentoring programme provided by TTC therapists at Beacon House each Friday is teaching a nucleus of homeless clients to help and support their peers in exploring their deepest emotions and overcoming the anger that comes from all that fear and self-doubt. With the training they receive from TTC therapists they can rediscover their innate qualities, find a new roll and help and encourage others to make that same step.

Rather than providing classical psychotherapy the TTC directors are using their skills and experience to facilitate recovery and support self discovery, a process we've started calling 'soft therapy'.

We'll be following the progress of this ground breaking initiative and learning from some of the new mentors just how it feels to rediscover their self respect and find a new and important role in life.

And there will be more . . . . .

These stories give some idea of how the directors of TTC see the role and responsibilities of our Community Interest Company. Alongside all these valuable contributions to local social projects, the directors continue to offer private individuals, local businesses and society at large, the very best in psychotherapy at a cost well below the going rate for any equivalent service.

TTC continues to invite suggestions for ways in which we can contribute to society, using the skills and experience accumulated over many decades of mental health work, both within and outside the NHS. If your organisation is putting together a project that you believe could be richer or more effective with TTC's involvement, please make contact. We'd happily help you put together a bid for funding.

'Hard' or 'Soft', the therapy, or even the non-therapy, we can offer could make all the difference to your Community project.

“  . . . I think the work you do is outstanding and you have had an amazing impact on my life  . .”